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Bad hair days are girls’ numero uno enemy, aight? The more you brush the worse it gets. It’s not the  90’s so you may not consider wearing a hat or scarf (ha-ha). To still looking pretty and preppy, donut bun is the answer.”But I don’t have that much hair!” you say. Me neither! I use this :

You can find chignon foundation in any department store, specifically in hair section. But you don’t really have to buy it, you can make your own chignon foundation from a sock. CLEAN NEW SOCK (note that!). Am to lazy to take pic of how I make my chignon foundation, so I copy this from one of  M loves MImage

(photo by : M loves M)

You can use one sock for small donut, but I usually use two socks (a pair) so my donut bun will be big 🙂

Now, let’s get to the business. Here’s how you create a donut bun for your look :


1. Comb your hair (of course ;p)

2&3. Make pony tail, you can make it as high or as low as you want to 🙂

4. Put your ponytail through the center of the donut, the same way you would put on a rubberband

5. Bow your head down, and spread your hair around the chignon foundation.

6. Grab another rubber band and tie it around at the base to hold it in place.

7. Wrap the remaining hair around the bun and pin it with bobby pins.

8. There you have it. Donut Bun!

Pretty, right? 😉


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Donut Bun

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Finaly send our very first babies out of the closet. Yes yes yesterday was our very first collection’s launching. And so glad to be busy replying the comments and text messages 🙂 Click here to see the collection!

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