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How to Curl Your Hair with NO HEAT (at all)

Heyho Quirkies,

Feeling very happy lately seeing items from March Collection are sold one by one, day by day. So happy to pack and send it for you all. Not much to do today so I decided to make tutorial pic for you guys. We’ve told you, we’re not your ordinary online shop, we’re your personal stylist.

For you all straight haired girls out there, ever feel like you want curly hair so bad but too lazy to go to salon or to damage your hair with curling iron? This is the solution for you. I’ve tried so many ways to curl my hair with no heat, and so far, this is the best method.


1. Let your hair down (of course). You can apply anti-frizz serum or whatever, I usually don’t and it works just fine.

2. Brush your hair.

3&4. Take an elastic head band

5. Use the headband around your head

6-9. From the front part, take a piece of your hair, then twist it and tuck it underneath the headband. Do it all around your head. Tuck it nice and tight.

10. Leave it for about 15-3 minutes or if you want the best result can leave it overnight.

ImageVoila! a very nice wavy and bouncy hair. Remember, the tighter you tuck the hair the curlier it gets. Happy curling, Quirkies!


Quirky Chic

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