cherry on top

Well I’ve told you before that I’m not a fashion guru. But girls love being pretty, playing dress up, we love colors, textures and patterns, aren’t we. I’ve been drooling over particular textures and style, simple ones that turns your look from just “okay” to “oh so very chic!”. Just like buttercream on top of a cupcake that makes the cupcake pretty.  


There’s something about this old school texture of fabric that makes everything so feminine, especially when you have pleats on your skirt. Maxi, midi, mini, chiffon, cotton, they’re so pretty with pleats 😀




A touch of lace on whatever you wear, that’s all the price to look sweeter. It’s been around for years, but no, I’m not bored (yet) of laces.


Detachable Collars & Collar Necklaces

I know I have talked about this one before. But how can I get over this collar fever. Especially when some genius already took it to different level. Detachable collar even collar necklaces are eeeverywhere! After fall head over heel on this


now I’m obsessed with this :



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