let’s go smokey

Done this eye make up yesterday. I think it looks so dark and fierce. Images


Easiest way to apply mascara

Applying mascara can be very challenging sometimes. There are times when you are in a hurry and end up with messy mascara stains all over your lids while applying it. Sucks.

I’m gonna be quick this time. So this is what I use to apply mascara. Every-single-time :

Imagea NAME CARD! teheee..

And here’s how I’m doing. Warning : My eyes will look very silly. Please do laugh.

ImageYou can see in the picture how the name card allows you to lift you lashes up and separate them perfectly so you can coat each of them without staining your lids. I don’t have many lashes. Mine are short and thin. So well I don’t have any before-after pic ’cause I bet you can’t see the difference *sigh*. But I guarantee that this is the neatest and easiest way to apply mascara. Especially if you just bought your first mascara 🙂

Happy trying, Quirkies 🙂

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cherry on top

Well I’ve told you before that I’m not a fashion guru. But girls love being pretty, playing dress up, we love colors, textures and patterns, aren’t we. I’ve been drooling over particular textures and style, simple ones that turns your look from just “okay” to “oh so very chic!”. Just like buttercream on top of a cupcake that makes the cupcake pretty.  


There’s something about this old school texture of fabric that makes everything so feminine, especially when you have pleats on your skirt. Maxi, midi, mini, chiffon, cotton, they’re so pretty with pleats 😀




A touch of lace on whatever you wear, that’s all the price to look sweeter. It’s been around for years, but no, I’m not bored (yet) of laces.


Detachable Collars & Collar Necklaces

I know I have talked about this one before. But how can I get over this collar fever. Especially when some genius already took it to different level. Detachable collar even collar necklaces are eeeverywhere! After fall head over heel on this


now I’m obsessed with this :


midnight eye make up


Have nothing to do last night and I ended up playing make up. Am not consider my self as a make up guru, euwh, not at all. But I admit, I always have a thing for make up. I bet you girls also do. Don’t you love to watch you mom do her make up when you were a little girl? I loved to sneak and tried my mother’s lipstick. Hihi. And as a how-to-freak, I also love to watch make up tutorials. I watch Michelle Phan, Luxy Hair, BeutyDept, etc.

Well I think make up is not all about being pretty. It’s like a more girly and mature version of drawing, aight? 😀

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Hey there Quirkies,

Bad hair days are girls’ numero uno enemy, aight? The more you brush the worse it gets. It’s not the  90’s so you may not consider wearing a hat or scarf (ha-ha). To still looking pretty and preppy, donut bun is the answer.”But I don’t have that much hair!” you say. Me neither! I use this :

You can find chignon foundation in any department store, specifically in hair section. But you don’t really have to buy it, you can make your own chignon foundation from a sock. CLEAN NEW SOCK (note that!). Am to lazy to take pic of how I make my chignon foundation, so I copy this from one of  M loves MImage

(photo by : M loves M)

You can use one sock for small donut, but I usually use two socks (a pair) so my donut bun will be big 🙂

Now, let’s get to the business. Here’s how you create a donut bun for your look :


1. Comb your hair (of course ;p)

2&3. Make pony tail, you can make it as high or as low as you want to 🙂

4. Put your ponytail through the center of the donut, the same way you would put on a rubberband

5. Bow your head down, and spread your hair around the chignon foundation.

6. Grab another rubber band and tie it around at the base to hold it in place.

7. Wrap the remaining hair around the bun and pin it with bobby pins.

8. There you have it. Donut Bun!

Pretty, right? 😉


Quirky Chic

Donut Bun

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How to Curl Your Hair with NO HEAT (at all)

Heyho Quirkies,

Feeling very happy lately seeing items from March Collection are sold one by one, day by day. So happy to pack and send it for you all. Not much to do today so I decided to make tutorial pic for you guys. We’ve told you, we’re not your ordinary online shop, we’re your personal stylist.

For you all straight haired girls out there, ever feel like you want curly hair so bad but too lazy to go to salon or to damage your hair with curling iron? This is the solution for you. I’ve tried so many ways to curl my hair with no heat, and so far, this is the best method.


1. Let your hair down (of course). You can apply anti-frizz serum or whatever, I usually don’t and it works just fine.

2. Brush your hair.

3&4. Take an elastic head band

5. Use the headband around your head

6-9. From the front part, take a piece of your hair, then twist it and tuck it underneath the headband. Do it all around your head. Tuck it nice and tight.

10. Leave it for about 15-3 minutes or if you want the best result can leave it overnight.

ImageVoila! a very nice wavy and bouncy hair. Remember, the tighter you tuck the hair the curlier it gets. Happy curling, Quirkies!


Quirky Chic

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march collection

you can see the whole collection here -> Quirky ChicImageImage ImageImage

First Collection

Finaly took our babies out of the closet for their very first launching. Yes yes yesterday was our brand’s debut and soo happy to be busy replying the comments and text messages. I miss that activity mwihi…

Here’s the sneak peek of the collection Quirky Chic’s March Collection

And you can take a look at bits of our collection here. Enjoy 🙂



Hope to see you in the comment box or in text messages, Quirkies.

Quirky Chic

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Finaly send our very first babies out of the closet. Yes yes yesterday was our very first collection’s launching. And so glad to be busy replying the comments and text messages 🙂 Click here to see the collection!

Finaly send our…